Summer Circus 2016: Keeping The Beat – Hambone Body Percussion

Our students are working in groups to collaboratively write short entries for our blog to share their work, performances, and preparations for our upcoming free performances. Check back often as we’ll be publishing entries nearly everyday up until our performances.

Hambone is a type of body percussion that was created by African Americans who were forced to come to the Americas by Europeans. Coach Derique teaches us hambone at the Prescott Circus Theatre. He learned hambone from some kids in his neighborhood in Berkeley when he was 15 years old. Coach Derique teaches us how to pat our thighs, hit our chests, and let our bodies do the rest! We like practicing hambone because we get to hear different body beats, it is fun, and people like it when we perform for them!

– Happy Bunnies

PCT youth continue to amaze me with their level of Hambone skill, enthusiasm, and teamwork! I’m honored to work with and teach the history of Hambone to such wonderful youth. One Drum, One Sound, One Circus!

– Coach Derique McGee

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