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Each year, over 250 children work with professional artists to develop physical circus skills such as juggling, acrobatics, improvisation, balancing, unicycling, stilting, hip hop dance, hambone body percussion, and clowning. An emphasis on cultural connections within the program’s curriculum and structure is valued and included. Students also learn about performance art, including creative expression, stage presence, production, and theatre vocabulary.




Through this work, our stars increase their confidence while developing essential life skills including teamwork, cooperation, punctuality, and grace under pressure — the ability to smile when “the show must go on!”. Arts education that truly promotes school and life success.



The heart of our work is the Prescott Circus Performing Company from Prescott Elementary School in West Oakland. Each year, approximately 25  3rd-5th graders commit themselves to a minimum of 5 hours per week of training.

summer 2023 performing company. A group of children with supporting adults are posing in a group dressed in colorful costumes smiling.

2023 Summer Program

This group is well known and loved throughout the community as the “Prescott Clowns.” Through hard work, practice, and careful coaching, they develop the necessary skills to appear at over 50 community events for over 25,000 fans annually. The group develops an hour-long show that is known for its educational and motivational themes.

We now conduct programs with as many as seven Oakland schools each year.
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Learn more about our history in the words of our founder, Aileen Moffitt:
Touching the Spirit: 27 Years of Growth with the Prescott Circus Theatre