2020-2021 Highlights

2020-2021 Program Highlights and Outcomes

Last year, we accomplished so much in spite of so many challenges. 

Our school year programs engaged over 240 OUSD students across six districts in weekly circus and theatre classes:

  • School-day and after-school programs with eight Oakland public schools
  • In-person programs with two West Oakland OUSD learning hubs
  • Expanded opportunities for students with disabilities
  • A Spring Student Celebration, convening students from nearly all of our programs
  • Presentations for local and national online events including the Retired Teachers Association, Alisa Ann Ruch Burn Foundation, Life Is Living Festival, and the Pacific Fire Gathering

Our June – July 2021 Summer Circus and Academic Program was our first full return to in-person programming. 


Please check out the slides below to read and watch some of creative work of our school-year students.

Student Reflections and Creations

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