What People Say about Prescott Circus



“My students were enthralled.”

“provides students with the self-esteem and inspiration to dream great dreams for their future.”

“amazed at not only their skills, but the smiles, attitude, and stage presence·so professional!”

“a profound impact on the participating students”

“This program offers kids with few opportunities and many obstacles a special experience that leaves them with positive lessons and skill they will be able to draw upon for the rest of their lives.”

“This venue has had a profound impact on the participating students·”

“It was exciting to see your show.  I like everything.”

“The juggling made me better at concentrating and math.”

“It felt so good to see Oakland children excel.  As an educator, I was inspired.”

“The clowns’ discipline was a great model for our kids — their focus, determination, and effort, too!”

“Wonderful exposure to underrepresented art forms”

“It is so exciting to see kids this inspired – and obviously with a light shining from deep within.  It showed in their faces.”

“I think the leadership skills and confidence these children develop will be with them forever.

“The students and teachers were inspired and awed by how much the clown presenters have learned academically, physically and spiritually.

“This was the best assembly in all my years of teaching.”

“I liked the way the students were trained to handle an ‘oops’.”

“I have learned to be patient and how to keep practicing to become better.”

“I learned to listen better and have more confidence in myself.”

“What a wonderful message this gives to all kids.”

“Terrific, terrific, terrific!!!  What neat, mature kids!”

“The program has kept my daughter doing something that is positive and it makes people happy when they watch them.”

“Fun, fun, fun.”

“After my daughter joined, her grades went up – in both citizenship and scholarship.”

“My little sister is happier, more confident, friendlier, and more cognizant of the rewards of hard work.”

“One of the main benefits is an increase in the students’ self esteem. This particular aspect was translated in class to a parallel increase of student responsibility. The students seem eager to work and are more aware of the importance of doing a job well done.”

“I learned to come on time.”

“My grades went up and my attitude got better.”

“Year after year, new members of the Troupe start at point zero and end up featured in a production that soars past the 100 mark. I have been able to see first hand the growth in students who have this in-depth exposure to the arts over a year-long program.”

“The clowns demonstrated the importance of accepting life’s challenges and provided my students and me with a lasting message of mutual support and personal determination.”

“This program gives the children the opportunity to give back, to be appreciated for their discipline and commitment, and to be respected for their abilities.”

“For me, to be a clown means that I can do things that most children have never done. And it means that I can go places that most children only dream of going to. I think that every child should get at least one chance to be a clown. I think every child should get a chance to see how it feels. Because it’s a wonderful feeling!”

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