Circus Supports Literacy and Self Awareness

Prescott Circus combines performing arts training, pro-social activities, and academic enrichment, to support students’ minds, bodies, and spirits. In our 2021 Summer Program, Debra Moore worked with students to compose original poems using a variety of different methods and sources of inspiration including stories and their own personal experiences. Below is an “I Am” poem and a slide show of more student work. These compositions demonstrate how skill building, academic growth, and personal development come together in our programs.

Learning To Do Stilts

I am learning to do stilts
And I am learning to unicycle
And not to be mean when I get mad
And I am learning to not hurt people
And I am learning not to yell
And I am learning to be nice
When I get mad and try to calm down
And finally, I am learning that when I am mad
It is much, much easier
To be nice

– Kimberli (grade 5)


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