PCT Staff Transitions – Fall 2021

Throughout the past several months, PCT has been experiencing a whirlwind of activity and changes. Most notable are significant transitions among our staff and the welcoming of new employees.

Since last spring, four core staff members have moved on or are taking a rest. Teaching artists, Ori Quesada and Josh Matthews are sharing their talents with different agencies and programs around the Bay Area. Ori is now supporting youth as and advocate through Side by Side while continuing coaching with the SF Circus Center. Josh is continuing as a teaching artist throughout the Bay Area and serving as a lead performer with the Medical Clown Project. Orlene Gentile relocated to Arizona to be closer with her family. They are never far (Once a Prescott Clown…..) and we wish them the very best in their endeavors. Performing Company Manager, Ceara Walton, has stepped back from her role and is taking time off to connect with family. We send all four our continuous gratitude and love for their long lasting contributions to our youth and organization.

During August and September, we’ve welcomed three new staff members.

Carolina (Coicoi) Duncan-Page is our new Performing Company Manager. Coicoi is a social circus teaching artist, project coordinator, and circus performer. She has worked with PCT allied programs Oddfellows Playhouse Youth Theatre (Middletown, CT) and Circo Latino (Albuquerque, NM). In 2017 she created and managed Almar Ola de Circo, a social circus project operating in her home country, Columbia that provides training for adults and youth. You can learn more about Coicoi by visiting her website: www.duncanplayfulcircus.com.

Teaching artist, Sarah Kim, has a background in social work and, over the past 6 years, has been pursuing her interests in movement, play, and mental health. During this time, she has been teaching acrobatics to children as young as 4 up to adults through different programs including Kinetic Arts Center, Athletic Playground and Kazio.

Site coordinator, Freda Yalley, is an educator, textile artist, and PCT parent. Prior to the pandemic, Freda worked as a reading interventionist & site based substitute teacher with OUSD.

We are thrilled to also welcome back Rachel Milner, Debra Moore, Hannah Kahn, Judy Finelli, Jessica Nguyen, and Jamie Coventry as our core teaching cohort and Demarcello Funes and Lance (Derique) McGee as continuing guest artists and mentors this semester

We enthusiastically welcome our fall 2021 team and look forward to sharing updates about our work in the coming months.

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