Performing and Sharing with the East Oakland Boxing Association

On Wednesday, June 29, a group of us went to the East Oakland Boxing Association to perform a short show and to lead some activities. Before we left Prescott School, we had a meeting and organized our routines. We performed for a group of about 80 youth ages 6-16. It was fun performing for them because we saw smiles on their faces and the older kids really enjoyed it too. They were amazed by our tricks. We performed acrobatics including cartwheels, round offs, and forward rolls. We also performed partner tricks like “hands and knees,” “counter balance,” and a 2-high. We also performed juggling – mostly tricks with 3 bean bags. Coach Hunt juggled 5 bean bags and clubs too.

After, we lead a workshop with a smaller group. We introduced ourselves and we each lead a warm up and taught a group of them the grapefruit clown routine. This was an experience that they may never forget.

After we left EOBA, we went to a park to eat lunch. We got to play at the park and practice the elephant walk trick.

– E, K, J, Kn, A, C

East Oakland Boxing Association is a youth serving program that is focused on improving lives through education and mentoring, promoting health and wellness, providing cultural enrichment, developing youth leaders, and building a better community. This is the third year we have performed for the EOBA Community. Thank you, EOBA, for making us a part of your summer!

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