Summer Students Inspire Smiles from Seniors

Starting this week, we will be publishing students’ reports about our community performances and preparations for our big shows on July 12, 13, and 16th. 

On Tuesday, 5 students along with Coach Hunt went to the Bay Area Healthcare Center to perform for a group of seniors. We left from Prescott about 1:40 and arrived about 2:00pm. We arrived early for our performance so we had time to practice and plan out the order of the skills we were going to show.  We practiced acrobatic tricks and the clown cheer.

During our show, we did juggling, acrobatics, and rolling globe. After, some of us lead exercises with the seniors. The reason why we came to the Bay Area Healthcare Center was because we wanted to put smiles on their faces when they saw us perform. We wanted to be there for them. If you made a commitment, stick with that commitment. Make people feel happy!
– This is Jasmine signing off. PEACE!

We performed at the Health Center because we wanted them to feel young again and to see their beautiful smiles.

The Bay Area Healthcare Center provides residential and rehabilitation services for seniors. This is our third year in a row visiting the Center as part of our summer outreach performances. We are honored to be invited back each year and it is always a treat to get to know the residents as a number of them went to Prescott School when they were young!

After our performance, we took a side trip to Fentons Creamery to celebrate a job well done and, of course, to try the Sundae of the Month that supports our programs!

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