Circus Students Captivated by KURIOS!

On Wednesday, November 19th, 52 of our students from Prescott, Lafayette, and Parker schools met with our adult chaperones to attend Cirque du Soleil’s KURIOS: Cabinet of Curiosities in San Francisco. Attending adults consisted of Prescott Circus Theatre coaches, teachers from Prescott School, board members, and even a couple of our students’ parents. For many of the children, it was a reunion as some worked together in our summer program and Spring Showcase. The anticipation and excitement of the group prior to entering the tent was definitely part of the magic of the night!


KURIOS is truly spectacular and our children LOVED the performance! Here are some observations and reflections from the night:

“This was their first time seeing Cirque du Soleil.  When I asked them what their favorite part was, it was the opening act because of all of the great juggling and stunts done so fast and so well.  They thought the chair act was great. There was a lot of cheering and clapping and whooping with glee from all of us throughout the show but particularly with the acrobats.”
 -Jonelyn Weed, Board Chair

“They tried to make the show old fashion, like it was way back when. I loved the contortionists.  I want to keep working on my flexibility.”
– Student, age 11


“The scariest part was when the girl was flipping around and I didn’t know if the man was going to catch her…. I guess you have to be really brave.” 
– Student, age 9

Student: “How did they do that?”
Coach: “How do you think?”
Student:: “Practice.”
Another Student: “A LOT of practice.”


To top off this experience, on Wednesday, December 3, Cirque du Soleil hosted 14 of our students to participate in an afternoon workshop with some of the artists from the show. The artists were incredibly generous with sharing their knowledge and skills. These opportunities are inspiring and build on our students’ work to learn about the creative process, theatre and circus arts, and rewards of hard work. We are so appreciative of Cirque du Soliel for giving our youth these opportunities. THANK YOU!!!!

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