Love & Laughter – A poem inspired by young Moko Jumbie stilt dancers

Love and Laughter

We are each other’s laughter
We wonder when things will go back to normal
We hear drums
We see our people
We want peace for our community
We are each other’s laughter
We pretend to fly to another state
We feel welcome in the world
We touch the earth
We worry about black lives
We cry for our loss
But we are each other’s laughter
We understand the world is changing
We say be peaceful and caring
We dream of a better world
We try to do the right thing
We hope for an awesome future
And we are each other’s laughter



This poem was written as part of our World Wide Virtual Tour. It was inspired by our visit to Trinidad and watching a video of a group of young Moko Jumbie stilt dancers. We asked our students to think about how the children in the video were similar or different to the stilt dancers at Prescott, then we invited them to respond to ‘we are’ statements in the chat. The next day they decided what to include and what to leave out.

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