We Pretend …. A Poem by Summer Program Students

We Pretend to be Butterfly Swordsmen
by Prescott Circus Summer Program Students
Summer 2020, Week 2

We are unique and talented
We wonder when we can see each other again
We hear music
We see people
We want our old school
We are unique and talented
We pretend to be butterfly swordsmen
We feel like sleeping
We touch our phone
We worry about our family
We cry because what’s happening right now is not fair
We are unique and talented
We understand that everyone is not the same
We say you are loved
We dream that Coronavirus will be over
We try to control our emotions
We hope the world will be at peace
We are unique and talented

We asked students to think about themselves as individuals and performers while responding to sentence starters in an I Am Poem. I am– I understand–and so forth. They posted responses in the Zoom chat. Coaches posted as well to guide and encourage. Then we gathered the students’ responses. During the next class, students voted on which lines they liked best if we changed “I am” to “We are.” “J” consented us to use their photo. – Coach Deb

Prescott Circus’ 2020 Summer Circus and Academic Program is supported by The Oakland Fund for Children and Youth and The City of Oakland Cultural Funding Program.

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