7/2/19. Hat Making

A journal report from our 2019 Summer Circus and Academic Program. Visit back to stay up to date about our final weeks of program as our children prepare for their big shows on July 16 & 17!

July 2, 2019Today, Coach Abby from Circus Bella taught us about costumes because we get to design and decorate our own hats that will be a part of our personalized costumes for our upcoming shows. She showed us a slideshow of circus people wearing different costumes: ring master, trapeze artists, unicyclists, stilt walkers.





She showed how circus costumes could be different depending on your skill and personality. She showed us pictures to give us inspiration for our hat designs.

We had a paper that guided us through our hat design.

We chose shapes that represented our circus personas (stars, shares, dots, squiggly lines). We used a hat template to draw out our design.

We used this design when we decorated our hats using fluffy paint, glitter, and fabric markers.

Come see how our hats will be part of our upcoming performances of Traveling Together Through Time and Space on July 16 and 17! Click here for more information!

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