Tonight, We Take Flight!

Shout outs of thanks to Victoria (we LOVE it when our artists support wow!), Emily, and Dwoira for your support over the past few days on our page!  We are going to keep the fundraiser going through the trip so please, if you can, spread the word!

And big thanks to Scott Morris and Hoodline Oakland for this great article that came out today!


This evening, our families will gather at the office to load up the van, have our pre-trip check in, a little food and say our farewells before we head off to the airport. It feels surreal that it’s actually happening – as it’s been a whirlwind of a week!

Friday night we made the scene at Hoover Elementary for Oakland Unite’s Friday Night Live! A great gathering with food, music, art, and games to claim the streets for families and communities. On Saturday, we stood above the crowds at the Laurel Street Fair where our students added to the festivities on stilts, juggling, and inspiring smiles. We saw lots of family and friends there (and some of YOU!)

On Sunday, Coach Hunt played tetris with stilts and a snowboard bag and used compression bags to pack down stilt and hambone costumes. Fortunately, we were able to connect with a great group in Trenton —- Egun Omode – West Africa  – from whom we will rent drums.  This makes our trek so much easier.


Definitely keep your eyes out as we’ll be sending updates almost every day. 


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