Coming Together! Prescott begins annual site visits with Lafayette Circus

Each year, Prescott Circus Performing Company students from Prescott Elementary participate in classes at each of our Satellite Sites. The purpose of these visits are to build community among our students and staff, give students a chance to demonstrate and exercise leadership skills, practice performing in front of others, and to learn how to give and receive feedback. The exchanges also build a lot of excitement for our annual Spring Showcase which will be on Saturday, March 28 at Oakland Tech this year. Save the Date!

This past Thursday, a handful of Prescott Circus students spent the afternoon with our sister program at Lafayette Elementary and had a fantastic time.  The class began with an icebreaking game of Sharks and Minnows from where we quickly joined in a circle and introduced ourselves. Each of the Prescott students prepared and lead a warm up, a central part of the leadership component of our curriculum.  Many Lafayette students then showed their skills at leading warm ups, even teaching Prescott some new exercises.

Both groups have been learning the same hip hop dance, choreographed by staff and former student Ceara Walton. They each got to performed their hip hop dance for one another and were then invited to share what they liked about each others’ performance. This process helps our developing artists become aware of the strengths of their moves, energy, and stage presence.

The afternoon concluded with an appreciations circle and of course a group picture!

On the way home, our Prescott students enthusiastically talked about the number of new friends they had made that day and that they “can’t wait to see them again at the Showcase.”

These visits build bridges of positive relationships among children from different neighborhoods and inspire visible confidence in all of our students.

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