Mission and Vision


Through circus and theatre arts education, the Prescott Circus Theatre’s mission is to empower and engage youth as they develop confidence, teamwork, perseverance, artistic talent, and a dedication to working for success. By providing professional training, unique curriculum, and a safe environment for under-served youth, our Oakland-based non-profit youth development organization promotes skill mastery, physical activity, positive relationships with peers and adults, and opportunities to shine for the community.


Our vision is to create a community where families and young people receive the highest quality education and resources that enable them to build successful, creative, productive, safe and effective lives for multiple generations.

  • We envision Prescott Circus Theatre’s programs enabling youth to expand their creativity and sense of self while learning essential life skills to prepare them for productive and accomplished lives.
  • We envision families and youth living in peace-filled, violence-free communities where their dreams of self-determination, artistry and accomplishment are realized through hard work, academic rigor, responsibility, self-awareness and creative problem solving.
  • We envision a culturally inclusive curriculum that embraces the history and ancestral roots of our students and is woven into our daily pedagogical practices.
  • We envision that regardless of circumstances, every young person will have the opportunity to succeed.

The Prescott Circus Theatre realizes this vision through a passionate commitment to supporting young people’s minds, physical bodies, and spirits so that their successes are limitless and based on their abilities, skills, fortitude and creativity, fueled with pride in self, neighbors and community.


We Believe that:

  • Regardless of circumstances every young person has the capacity to succeed.
  • Circus arts is a powerful vehicle for effective youth development, providing unique opportunities for successive skill building, risk-taking, public presentations, leadership, and learning how to learn.
  • Everyone is a star; teamwork, collaboration and individual accomplishment helps make everyone a star.
  • The more you practice, the better you get.
  • The celebration of success, no matter how small, is critical to supporting and building self-confidence.
  • Emphasizing our cultural connections, history, and ancestral roots acts as an essential foundation for student and community enrichment.
  • Physical activity is fundamental to healthy living.
  • Teaching and developing critical life skills including accurate self-assessment, self-awareness, accountability, and learning consequences prepare our young people for their future successes.
  • Prescott Circus Theatre and its programs teach and support pride in self, neighbors, and community.
  • Prescott Circus Theatre leadership is responsible to use all available resources on behalf of the children.
  • The basic principles to succeed in circus (and in life) are: hard work, teamwork, practice, believe in yourself, and never give up.