Field Trip Flips with Athletic Playground

A day off from school and the generousity of Emeryville based physical training center, Athletic Playgound, provided Prescott Circus students a special morning to roll, tumble, swing and leap. On Monday, January 27, students from our after school program at Prescott visited our Emeryville neighbors for a non-stop, 2-hour acrobatics and parkour workshop.

Athletic Playground coaches, Zach FischeĀ and Marria Grace, facilitated the workshop with games, technical instruction, and some fantastic obstacle course-styled exercises.

Afterwards the group worked up a huge appetite, we went had had lunch where our server turned out to be the mother of a former Prescott circus student!

We are grateful for our partners like Athletic Playground to support our work to make it possible for our youth to explore their potential through healthy and safe physical activities, have fun, and shine!

Thank you, Shira, Zach, and Marria for a fantastic day at the Athletic Playground!

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