Once a Prescott Clown…Always a Prescott Clown

From Clown to Board Member,
Quiana Driver Shares Her Story

Once a Prescott Clown, Always a Prescott Clown. This is a saying that every graduate of the Prescott Circus Theatre knows and believes. For me, it is more than just a feeling in my heart because now, 15 years after being a young performer with PCT, I am now on the Board of Directors serving as Treasurer and book keeper.

I first started with the Prescott Circus Theatre in 1996 when I was a student at Prescott Elementary School in West Oakland. I did not have much of a life outside my home as I was the eldest and most of my time was spent looking after my younger siblings. My street consisted of a lot of illegal activities and, in spite of my responsibilities, the more I could stay away from these negative influences, the better off I was.

The Circus program was an opportunity for me to perform and be noticed for something other than babysitting. It was also something that no one else in my family did, it was special and different. I learned to tumble, juggle, dance, clown, and of course stilt dance, which became my specialty. Being a Prescott Clown taught me how to be myself and not worry about what others thought of me. I learned how to keep my head up and not get bothered with everything that was going on around me. I also had opportunities to travel outside my neighborhood and my city and experience new sights and meet new people.

Years later, I graduated from high school, received my BA in business accounting and an Associate’s Degree in Psychology. I met my husband and started a family and now work as an office manager and tax advisor for H&R Block. When I was a Prescott Clown, I developed an I can’t lose attitude. This tool has gotten me through school, helped me build a strong family and a fulfilling life. I am now bringing this attitude back to serve Prescott Circus Theatre with my professional skills and great enthusiasm.

Prescott Circus Theatre gives kids a sense of hope and accomplishment and something to be excited about at school every week. I love this organization and everything we have accomplished. So many Oakland youth would be at a loss without it, so we are relying on community members to keep the circus in our schools. If you care about the future of our children and believe in the power of enriching art opportunities, I encourage you to get involved in any way you can. You can personally help a child develop confidence, independence, and a strong spirit. My dream is that the students this year will come back in 15 years and say that they are lifelong Prescott Clowns.

Quiana Driver

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