Student Summer Blog: Clowning with Coach Tristan 6/26

By Jazzié
My name is Jazzié and I am with the Prescott Circus. Yesterday Coach Tristan taught us clowning. What we learned about it is that there is a rule of 3. The rule of 3 is that you do something, you do something again, and you do something different.
We also learned the rules of clowning.
  1. To be in control
  2. To be brave
  3. To say yes!!!
Coach Tristan taught us how to do a clown act called grapefruit, and that was fun to do. Look at the pictures below to see more. Come to see our performance Let’s Go Get It! in July to see the full act in person!

Check the entire 2018 Let’s Go Get It! Summer Circus Student Website, Cirkids to read and see more!

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