Countdown to AYCO!

We Are Flipping with Joy!
Thank you to The Flow Fund for your increadibly generous contribution to help us get to the AYCO Festival!

We are grateful for the those of you who have contributed this week through ourĀ page! We want to acknowledge the tremendous help we’ve been receiving from our friend LB aka Rational Dress for helping with costume cleaning, mending, and planning. It’s no easy task to sort out how to fly with six pairs of stilts, costumes, three drums and well, it’s also just one week before the school year starts! She’s been an angel to help with these logistics.

Our families gathered on Tuesday night to watch our rehearsal and to review the plan for the days leading up to the trip. Final rehearsals, two more events, and then we are off.

Please help us spread the word about our fundraising campaign. The slow response isn’t keeping us from going. But it does mean that we will need to dig more deeply into our year’s budget. Supporting this campaign is also helping to sustain our work with over 200 youth throughout the year!

Thank you for your support and care!


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