Summer Circus – Community Service

Our 2017 summer program is well on its way with a great group of 28 students who have come from every part of Oakland. Students range in age from 6 to 16. Some with many years of experience with PCT, some learning to juggle for the very first time. Our group has already become a unique ensemble that is working hard to create an original show that will be presented, for free, from July 15 – July 19.

Part of our work every summer is stepping out of our auditorium at Prescott School to perform and lead workshops for other youth programs as well as groups of seniors. This gives our more experienced students opportunities to grow  performance and leadership skills while uplifting and inspiring a lot of people around the East Bay.

During our second week of program, a group of four students performed for groups of seniors, their visiting family members, and staff at the Bay Area Health Center and the Fruitvale Health Center. The group performed jugging, acrobatics, and our rolling globe acts. After the shows, each of our stars lead exercises with the seniors like clown face warm up, hands and wrist “spaghetti and meatballs,” and an adapted version of “cherry pickers” called “chair-ee-pickers” created by a former performer many years ago.

Our visit to the Fruitvale Health Center was facilitated by Bread and Roses, an organization that provides free, live, quality entertainment to people who live in institutions or are otherwise isolated from society. We love to work with Bread and Roses because our missions and visions are so aligned. Our host’s follow up report captures the spirit and purpose of this work:

On a day of great age diversity, the room seemed as one. The performers, who came up to shake hands and speak to almost everyone after the show concluded, showed such respect and love to all the seniors.  In turn, the seniors gave each of the children the support and nurturing you may have not expected in a Bread & Roses concert. Truly a special day where strangers came together as one community.  

One Drum! One Sound! One Circus!

Ubuntu Spirit!

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